The Bulgarian Presidency views the social focus of the next budget as the only way for Europe to achieve its goals and have a future,” said Zornitsa Roussinova, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy of Bulgaria. She added that every third person in Bulgaria has taken advantage of the European Social Fund. So far, 800 000 Bulgarians have completed ESF-financed trainings that have supported their integration in the labour market.

"Investing in People  ̶  the Way Forward", a conference on the future of the European Social Fund, discussed the challenges of EU human capital policies in Sofia. The delegates outlined the direction for the future financing of investments in people after 2020 and shared opinions on how to change the current model in order to implement in practice the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights and achieve equal opportunities and access to the labor market, fair working conditions and better social protection.

Over 350 representatives of EU institutions, national, regional, local and public authorities, social partners, civil society organizations, academics and other stakeholders took part in the conference.