Between 1500 and 2000 families will have the opportunity to have a child carer for a period of 18 months under the Parents in Employment Project, financed by Operational Programme Human Resources Development. 

As of today (29 September) until the end of October sample applications will be received at labour offices all over the country, submitted by parents, whose children have not been enrolled in nursery or kindergarten, but they need a child carer to be able to go back to work or look for a job. If there is high interest on behalf of parents, the financial resources of BGN 20 million can be increased, while the deadline for submitting applications will be extended, Roussinova said. The application is not linked to address registration. It can be filed at any labour office in the country. In two weeks, the online version of the application form will also be ready.

Requirements to parents, applying under Parents in Employment is that they are on parental leave, if they are employed under a labour agreement or are in employment relationship, unemployed or self-employed. The aim of the project is to assist working people, unemployed and inactive people, who for one reason or another are unable to enrol their child in a nursery or kindergarten. We give priority to parents of children with disabilities, single parents and large families.

The choice of a child carer is left entirely to the family, whose child will be looked after. An important condition is that the parents can prove that they have taken actions to enrol their child in a nursery or kindergarten, but it wasn’t given a place in the ranking. The child has to be at the age of 0 to 5 years. There are no restrictions as to the existence of family relations between the parents and the child carer, nor regarding the age of the care giver. A retired nurse or teacher, who feels she is in a good shape and able to work, could also exercise this profession.

The child protection department at the Agency for Social Assistance will exercise control over the implementation of the project Parents in Employment. Should suspicions arise that a child in a given situation is not well taken care of, we as a controlling body will be able to interfere.


The child carer will sign a labour agreement for a full-time job with the Employment Agency and will receive a monthly remuneration at the size of the minimum wage. The contract will have a 6-month probation period, during which parents are entitled to terminate it, if they are not satisfied with the child care they receive, deputy-executive director of the Employment Agency Tatyana Pashinova said.