The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy has published for public debate a project for changes to the Regulations for applying the Social Assistance Act. Proposed changes will make some of the current texts in the social service sector more precise. Furthermore, they will regulate the order, way and methodology, under which social service providers will make an individual assessment of the needs for support and an individual plan for use of social services, as well as their content.

The changes will make more precise the accounting of theemployment of the social service, when it is an activitiy, delegated by the state. Regulated is also the content of the information, which each provider is obliged to give to potential consumers of social services and to Social Assistance Directorates. The changes also govern the possibility to extend the deadline of the social services contract based on assessment of results from the implementation of the individual plan and the consumer demand. Some of the definitions of social services are made more precise and a definition of ‘social service profile’ is being introduced.

Other changes are connected to the implementation of the Mechanism for joint work of all institutions for prevention of school dropout. Their aim is to regulate a better connection between payment of benefits and children school attendance, as well as to guarantee that these will be adjusted to the children’s needs and will be used for the purpose intended.

The changes regulate that the granting of monthly targeted allowance for paying the rent of municipal dwelling to a single parent of child/children of preschool or school age is linked to the regular attendance of preschool and school education.

The transitional and final provisions of the Social Assistance Act also incur changes to the Regulations for applying the Act for Family Allowance for Children. According to these changes, the type of aid in kind upon provision of one-off payment for school beginners and the monthly allowance for a child until the completion of its secondary education will be determined on a proposal by the Principal of the respective school. Aid in kind for full or partial payment of crèches or nursery fees, baby food or canteens will be provided upon payment of the respective fees or funds by the respective Social Assistance Directorates.


The same order is regulated for aid in kind for full or partial payment of the child’s participation in organised school/nursery events (excursions, visits to historical, cultural and other sites, camps etc.)


The full text of the project for changes to the Regulations for applying the Social Assistance Acth as been published under the following link: