The managing authority of Operational Programme Human Resources Development launches a call for applications for direct grant under the procedure Parents in Employment. The Parents in Employment Procedure aims to facilitate the access to the labour market of all those parents, raising children between the age of 0 and 5, so that they will be able to maintain their labour and economic activities, employment and income or find a new job.

At the same time, unemployed persons will have the opportunity to be hired as babysitters and children carers. Eligible for the services are employed parents on sick leave or parental leave and unemployed parents, whose children have not been enrolled in child-care institution.

The operation will have a positive effect by maintaining the quality of the workforce and the productivity of the parents‘labour by giving them the opportunity to begin or continue their career.

The grant procedure is being implemented under OP HRD with the financial support of the European Social Fund. The total budget is BGN 20 000 000 and it will be implemented by the Employment Agency.